Consulting Services


To help businesses with reporting, infrastructure and culture to help them make better data-driven decisions.

Data Warehousing and ETL

You need your data in one place. I help businesses set up robust, scalable data pipelines.

I can help choose and set up a data warehouse; I recommend Snowflake or BigQuery. I can also set up the ETL pipelines to get your data into your warehouse in a timely manner. Most of the time, this involves using third-party tools, but I can also help when you need something a bit more specific to your use-case.

Data Modelling

Modelling your data is a key step in your data stack. Transformation unlocks the true value of your data.

Using tools like dbt, we’ll transform the raw data from your software and tools into production-ready datasets ready for analytics. We will also make sure that everyone in-house who needs to be trained up can contribute to the data models.

KPI Measurement and Dashboards

Ensuring that you’re tracking the right metrics is key to the success of your business.

I’ve worked in SaaS, eCommerce, fintech and even for a veterinary business. All of them have analytics needs that are similar but specific to their operations and business models. Using tools like Looker, we can create all the reporting you need to ensure your growth and success.

Strategy and Training

Building a best-in-class analytics stack requires best-in-class analytics personnel. I provide businesses with fractional “Head of” services to help you manage and grow your team.

You may need someone to come and lead analysts on a part-time basis. You may need your team to be trained up on new tools. You may need help hiring your future analysts and leaders. That’s where I can provide support.

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